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Disastrous progress new members, old facebook page...

Disastrous progress new members, old facebook page…

Jos Smos is between two new members of Katastroof, Wout Stout and Eli Droge Keli. © Facebook Disaster

The guard is quickly changed at Katastroof. Earlier this week, striker Zgol Krabühl left the Antwerp squad after 44 years. Wout Stout and Eli Droge Keli were introduced on social media Friday as newcomers alongside the group’s only remaining original member Jos Smos.

The catastrophe is dead, the catastrophe lives on. This is the best way to sum up the last eventful week for Antwerp. Co-founder Zjuul Krapuul announced Tuesday that he does not want to play on set with Eli, the son of fellow Jos ‘Smos’ Hermans. Three days later, Eli Dry Keli was introduced as a new member of the group via social media. There was a vacancy with the band after Stef ‘Bef’ Boers left the band earlier this year.

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Eli Hermans has been active in the Antwerp music scene for years as a singer, bassist and guitarist, including as the leader of the rock band Ban iXina and Quatsch. As Ellie’s son, he is also familiar with Katastrov’s reference. In addition to Eli, after some testing, Wouter Potters, alias Wout Stout, is also on board. “I would have imagined my entry into Antwerp’s popular music scene a little less stormy. silly Lots of enthusiasm to show and hear that Katastroof is still alive,” he said via Facebook.


In the meantime, Katastroof’s new hiring appears to be sowing discord. Both in front and behind the stage. Old Facebook fan page admins have removed it offline (temporarily?). As a result, about 20,000 catastrophic images from the past 15 years are no longer available. He’s also on the arms among the crowd. On the other hand, there is a large group wishing Katastroof 2.0 writers every success. On the other hand, there are fans, often from the very beginning, who believe that without Zjuul he will never be the same. some of those Hardcore The Katastroof invites Katastroof’s treatment to a booing at their first concert, Saturday 2 October at the De Toverfluit Dance.

Be this way: “Joss, Watt, and Ellie continue their development assistance and are still occupying the land. Younger generations continue to discover Katastroof’s music and flock in growing crowds to the band’s now-legendary performances. The test of time stands no chance: the disaster seems more combative than ever,” remember the new Facebook page Katastroof.antwaarpse.volksgroep. For those who can still continue. Stephen Lenin

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