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One shopping cart for the price of two: Carrefour customers see money being deducted twice  The interior

One shopping cart for the price of two: Carrefour customers see money being deducted twice The interior

Quite a few Carrefour customers today and this weekend came to an unpleasant conclusion: they paid twice for the shopping they did last Saturday. How this might happen is not yet clear. Carrefour says everyone will get their money back quickly.

The supermarket chain has received numerous reports of consumers being scammed by seeing their purchase quantity disappear from the bill twice. However, according to Carrefour, they only received the amount once. “Over the past few hours, we have done an analysis to determine the root cause of the duplicate payments problem at the end of last week,” said Carrefour spokeswoman Serene Stambouli.

“The duplicate payment transactions reported by our clients are related to the fact that our partner Worldline – who manages all issuance activities on behalf of the banks – has sent the same file to the banks twice for Maestro transactions. This means that all banks are involved, but only Belgian bank cards and all Carrefour stores and dealers. Young people who use the Maestro card. The banks themselves will resolve this incident internally in cooperation with Worldline and the double transaction will be canceled. This is automatic. If the customer notices that this is incorrect within a few days, he can contact his bank about this matter.

Where did an error occur?

According to Carrefour, many dealers are still involved, but this is still not certain at this time. In fact, Wordline – which does payment transactions worldwide, including Carrefour – says unlike what the supermarket chain says in a press release, it’s not involved. “Something went wrong,” says Eric Sebabin. “But not with us.”

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Spokespeople for KBC Bank and BNP Paribas Fortis, among others, are also aware of the issue, but are unable to accurately place their finger on the wound at this time. “The payment order file was shown twice with our services and it has also been processed twice,” says KBC spokesperson Steve Leonens. “This is automatic, but at the moment I don’t know where the error is in the chain. Not with us, but with the payments being made. This is of course very annoying for people who have received such a double payment, but the money has not gone. This is quickly and automatically reversed. “.