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OOG Check: What choice will you make in the next election?

OOG Check: What choice will you make in the next election?

Nominated MPs in debate, with conversations conducted by Echo van Oosterhout and Martin Sippel. Photo: own photo

Al Ain TV He does it in cooperation with Research the choices you will make in the upcoming House of Representatives elections on November 22.

Through this site You can complete the survey, as we are interested in knowing which party you think you would vote for. We are also interested to know who you will vote for. Does this person come from the municipality or do you think you will vote for the leader of a national party? It takes about two minutes to complete the questionnaire. Answers will be processed completely anonymously. We will publish the poll results a few days before the elections.

Al Ain TV He is closely following the upcoming elections. Through reports and articles, we enter into discussions with authorities and organizations: what do they think needs to be changed immediately in The Hague? Politicians have their say too. During Let’s Gro, at the Groningen Forum, it was organised eye Several debates took place on Friday and Saturday, during which the nominated representatives entered into discussions with each other. These recordings will be posted on Special website for Groningen KeastIt will also be listenable across various podcast platforms.

Scanning It can be found on this page.

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