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OpenAI Removes US Presidential Candidate's ChatGPT-Based Bot – IT Pro – News

It seems pretty strong to me that Dean Philips' AI hobby project would be subjected to “severe abuse,” let alone that such “serious abuse” would have any real impact on the larger world. Most of them were never aware of the existence of this number, let alone its website.

In my opinion, the so-called negative impact of AI tools is often greatly exaggerated. Oh, you can ask your chatbot to pretend to be Candidate X and make some nonsensical statement. Well, so what? That's what you asked for, right? Why anyone would do that is also a mystery to me. This seems to be done only by writing sensationalistic and lazy news articles about these earth-shattering discoveries. No one would actually do that in their spare time, let alone become wiser by it, let alone be misled by it. Because what a surprise, a chatbot that asks you to say weird things says weird things. Then he complains about “loads of misinformation.”

Much ado about nothing if you ask me. I have yet to see a single application of AI that has had a measurable negative impact on the political process. And I'm no stranger to Chat GPT; I use it daily, even with the API – it's fun and useful. An easy scapegoat to blame for everything. If this is indeed an achievement, it is remarkable that it was apparently a useful tool for Brigadier General Phillips to discover something about his ideas. Not that it would make any difference in the end, but at least it was creative I thought.

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