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“The Netherlands exported several chip machines to China just before the ban” – IT Pro – News

No, at this point I cannot, with the best will in the world, classify the United States as a constitutional state, because national security speech can only be challenged through a secret court. Because this court is secret, its work cannot be tested through the normal oversight mechanisms of a constitutional state. Public access to justice is essential, so that the public can monitor its functioning, and politicians can take action in the event of unwanted rulings. In a secret court this is impossible.

Imagine if the benefits issue in the Netherlands remained secret, it is quite a scandal, but the drain could eventually be opened through the press and parliament.

In general, the US intelligence services are very powerful, much more powerful than is healthy in a constitutional state.

I will not claim that the United States is a banana republic and that citizens do not have rights, because the United States has a good system in many aspects, but at this particular point things are not well there and this means that American companies are quite the opposite in terms of safety. Less trustworthy than Chinese companies.

This is the paper mode. The practical situation makes American equipment worse: We know that American equipment has been used for espionage, and Huawei has done nothing wrong so far.

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