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Orient Express stops briefly in Essen: enthusiasts wait for hours ... (Essen)

Orient Express stops briefly in Essen: enthusiasts wait for hours … (Essen)

The Orient Express caused quite a stir in our area on Tuesday. When, among other things, he heard on the radio that the famous train in Essen was going to stop for a while, more than a hundred enthusiasts went to the station. In the end, they had to wait until 11:15 PM.

Usually you only see the famous train from Agatha Christie’s book on its regular route between Venice and Switzerland, but currently the Orient Express makes a return trip between Paris and Amsterdam. He also drives on the Antwerp-Essen line. Due to bad weather in the Swiss Alps, the train was seriously delayed.

The Orient Express was supposed to stop in Antwerp on Tuesday evening, but it didn’t. On the radio, among other things, it can be heard that the train will stop at Essen station around 8:30 pm, after which a hundred enthusiasts have gone there.

But since there was no stationmaster in Essen, no one was told that the train was badly delayed. In the end, we had to wait until 23:15 for the train to stop briefly in Essen.

7-year-old Mathias stayed especially awake. The train drivers even opened the window for him. © rr

© rr

© kma

Unique opportunity

Children were also present, such as Vic (13) from Essen. “It’s a unique opportunity,” the young observer said earlier in the evening.

Most of the observers came from the immediate vicinity of Essen. Like Peter Leys of Loenhout, who heard him on the radio, he left his food and immediately jumped in the car. “This is the most famous train in the world. The cost of the trip is 3000 euros,” said Peter, who would have rented a carriage on the train, if he had the money.

Thursday is a new opportunity

The Orient Express can also be seen in our country on Thursday. It can then be admired in Essen from 11.47 am to 12.32 pm and arrive in Antwerp Central before 1 pm. km, doro

Waiting for the Orient Express.

Waiting for the Orient Express. © kma

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