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Origi match winner at infallible Liverpool, Milan outside Europe |  UEFA Champions League 2021/2022

Origi match winner at infallible Liverpool, Milan outside Europe | UEFA Champions League 2021/2022

Liverpool already had the Champions League sheep on dry ground. After 15 of 15, the first place in group B was already there. However, the English national hero was eager for another victory. Liverpool could become the first English team to win all group matches in the Champions League.

Jurgen Klopp had left a starting spot for Divock Origi before that. The Belgian striker has been allowed to start for the fourth time this season. At Milan, still counting on the next round, Alexis Saelemaekers had to come to terms with a place on the bench.

However, it was Liverpool who were eagerly searching for a goal. Williams once fired a shot into the hands of goalkeeper Mainian. The target literally fell from the sky on the other side. Alisson Becker, in his 150th match for Liverpool, managed to stop a shot first. Follow Tomori closely and chase after 1-0 against the ropes.

But Liverpool was not upset. Origi was still able to test Mignan’s reactions. A few minutes later, the Milan goalkeeper was beaten. Oxlade-Chamberlain started a slalom followed by a shot, and Salah scored 1-1 early in the second half. Everything to re-ac.

After the break, Milan wanted to change things up a bit. A few minutes later, Casey fell to the ground at 16m in the English after a push from Tsimikas, but referee Makelele saw no problem. Then it was Divock Origi’s moment. The light went out for a while in Milan defender Kaloulo and after a shot from Mane, Origi managed to score. His sixth goal in the Champions League and surprisingly, his first goal in the group stage.

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Saelemaekers were allowed entry at every hour. He saw how his compatriot created the danger with a header and another shot. About 10 minutes before the end of Origi’s successful match, it was over.

Milan tried, but Casey missed the opportunity to make the score 2-2. Because Atletico Madrid would have won in Porto, Milan finished with 4 points as they are last in Group B. Liverpool and Atletico Madrid qualify in the tournament. Porto have to make peace with the Europa League again.