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The field or the road for Thibau Nys?  'Both majors shake hands' |  Platform

The field or the road for Thibau Nys? ‘Both majors shake hands’ | Platform

After a tough winter on the field last season, Thibau Nys put the finishing touches on last summer’s road season, culminating in his European title on the U23 road. But where exactly does Ness Junior’s future lie?

“I can’t tell if it’s in the field or on the road,” says Father Sven Ness. “That’s the beauty.” “I think he’ll have to figure that out for himself.”

“My eyes were opened this summer. I thought it was impressive what he achieved against a peloton that I had never seen him ride against before. And that motivated him to taste more of that next year.”

“I do not rule out the possibility that the cross is the ideal setting for the road and vice versa. Both disciplines shake hands. In the coming years he will discover what suits him best, but I think he will not abandon it completely. Both disciplines.”

Thibau Nys is currently in Mallorca, where he wants to boost his fitness on stage for Truth Weeks in the field. “His rehabilitation after a shoulder injury took longer than expected,” says Sven Ness.

“The base is good now, but not yet in terms of intensity. But I see it getting better. His next target is the weekend in Namur (19/12, edition), and since then it is all about progressing towards the championship.”

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