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Gemeenteraad Oostende gaat dan toch digitaal door

Ostend City Council will continue digitally (Ostend)

Photo of the former digital city council

Ostend –

Ostend City Council will continue to be entirely digital. This was reported by Acting Mayor Kurt Claes (Open Vld). The decision comes after Vlaams-Belang protested to the city council that all council members were required to present a vaccination certificate.

The question was asked to the different groups, but it turned out that not everyone agreed on the terms. That’s why the mayor of the city council decided to organize the city council entirely digitally. So it is not the case that those who provide a certificate of vaccination can still follow up physically. Everything is now done digitally,” says Claes.

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To make sure Ostend City Council went safely, council president Wouter de Frindt wanted those present to present the vaccination card. “It was recommended by the city’s security cell,” Acting Mayor Kurt Claes says. This was met with resistance from Vlaams Belang Ostend. In this way, medical confidentiality is violated. “Council members are literally being discriminated against and pressured to vaccinate when there is no mandatory vaccine yet,” the statement said.

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