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The vaccination center in Hesel closes today, also in Wallonia only 16 centers are open from September |  interior

The vaccination center in Hesel closes today, also in Wallonia only 16 centers are open from September | interior

In Brussels, the Heisel Vaccination Centre, the largest capacity vaccination centre, administered the last doses. The center has been closed after giving more than 255,000 doses and vaccinating more than 134,000 people since February 15. Also in Wallonia, most vaccination centers permanently close at the end of August.

“The military hospital in Nieder-Ouer-Hembek will approach residents on August 15, but will remain open on Tuesday and Thursday to Belgians abroad and other selected groups,” the spokeswoman said. The UCL vaccination center will close on August 27, the center in Anderlecht on August 28, and centers in Schaerbeek and Lluwe-Saint-Lambert on August 31.

Positions are closed in part because they are needed again for the activities in which they originally occurred. This is the case for the center in Heysel, but also for a number of sports halls and schools.

Changing vaccination and communication strategy

“On the other hand, the vaccination strategy has also evolved in the Brussels region,” says Fatima Boujaoui. “Now the large masses have been vaccinated, and now we want to work in a more targeted way, with more local initiatives. The most famous of them are now vaccination boxes, but we also work with local antennas, such as Zuidfoor’s vaccination platform. We really want to get to the heart of the living with our vaccination campaign.” The communication was also modified, according to the spokeswoman: “We’ve worked with clandestine neighborhood advisors since the beginning of the pandemic, and will do the same for vaccination. This concerns pharmacists, street workers and clandestine advisors within faith communities. They get the right information for people, tailored to the needs of our audience. target.”

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Vaccination centers in Wallonia

In Wallonia, most of the 54 vaccination centers will be closed at the end of August. Sixteen centers are still open. There, as of September, residents can still be vaccinated with the first or second dose, even if the first shot is given at a different center, she says. However, this no longer happens every day of the week. In addition, they only work with vaccines from two suppliers: Pfizer (two doses) and Johnson & Johnson (one dose for more than 41 seconds).