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Over a hundred entrepreneurs sounding the alarm on nuclear exit, PM de Croo replies: 'The lights will not go out' |  the interior

Over a hundred entrepreneurs sounding the alarm on nuclear exit, PM de Croo replies: ‘The lights will not go out’ | the interior

In an open letter, 129 Flemish entrepreneurs indicated that they are deeply concerned about the security of our country’s energy supply. They fear blackouts if nuclear power plants disappear, reports say the time. Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo (Open Vld) argued at the VTM NIEUWS studio that the lights would not go out in 2025.

“Now that Engy has clearly formulated his position, the turmoil among many entrepreneurs has reached a peak,” it seems. They are concerned not only with potential energy shortages, but also with affordability and the impact on inflation.

They question the viability of gas-fired power plants like The project in Vilford does not have a permit yetMeanwhile, I wonder if the wind farms planned in the North Sea will be ready on time.

small modular nuclear power plants

According to the businessmen, the government should oblige Engi to keep the two smallest nuclear power plants open for at least ten years. They also argue about the creation of small-scale nuclear power plants (SMR), but for this purpose, the Nuclear Phase-out Act must be amended.

SMRs should prevent the lights from going out in 2025, according to the letter, which was signed by the entrepreneurs behind companies like Ardo, Inex, La Lorraine, Renson and Montea.

Prime Minister De Croo: “The light will not go out”

For his part, Prime Minister de Croo is convinced that the lights will not go out in 2025. “If there is any doubt that the lights will go out or that prices will develop incorrectly, it will be a bad decision. This government will make a good decision,” he says in VTM NIEUWS Studio.

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“We rely on experts like the experts from the network operator Elia and according to them, it is quite possible to do it. But you decide,” the Prime Minister explains. “From day one, we as a government have taken charge of this energy file and have prepared it to the fullest. We see that there is great interest in investing in our country, and in ensuring that we take our future into our own hands again,” concludes de Croo.

Engi in a letter to de Croo: “It is impossible to keep nuclear power plants open for much longer”

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