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OVERVIEW: Hospital occupancy has dropped below 3,000 again, but numbers are barely dropping |  Coronavirus is spreading

OVERVIEW: Hospital occupancy has dropped below 3,000 again, but numbers are barely dropping | Coronavirus is spreading

The weekly rate of new infections decreased by 8 percent. Meanwhile, the weekly rate of hospitalizations remained stable. There are now just under 3,000 coronavirus patients in Belgian hospitals. This is evident from the preliminary numbers from the Sciensano Health Institute’s Covid dashboard.

From April 16 to April 22 there was an average 240.1 New admission Per day, which is roughly the same amount as the previous week. Since the beginning of the epidemic 68,581 patients He ended up in the hospital.

In addition, the total number of people currently in hospital is again dropping below the 3,000 threshold. Around 2.989 Patients (-1%) of them 910 in intensive care (-2 percent).


The number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus is increasing 964.526. For the week ending April 19, this was average 3.578 Cases a day. This is 8 percent less than the previous week.

He. She Reproduction number It rises according to the latest numbers 1,01. The number above 1 indicates that the Corona epidemic is gaining momentum in our country. In the numbers overview from Wednesday, there is still an R value at 0.99.

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Last week there was only an average 40512 test It decreased, which is equivalent to a decrease of 7 per cent. However, there is a carrying capacity of 120,000 tests per day.

from Positive Still up to 9.7 percent, Which is very high. This means that 9.7 out of 100 tests were tested positive.

Death cases

Meanwhile, deaths continue to decline. April 13-19 was average 39,6 On the day, good for a decrease of 2.5 percent. Previously 23.909 People died from Corona in our country.


In the meantime you have it 2,469,557 Belgians at least one The first dose Receive the vaccine, which is equivalent to 21.5% of the total population (26.9% of the adult population).

727.972 Be citizens Fully vaccinate it, Representing 6.3 percent of the total population, or 7.9 percent of the adult population.

at Flanders to be 1.487.423 Population at least partially They were vaccinated, which represents 22.44 percent of the total population. 431.870 Including Completely 6.51% of the population is vaccinated.

You will find the vaccination numbers below In your municipality: