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Parent company of Fiat, Opel and Peugeot to develop four EV platforms – Picture and Sound – News

Stellantis will develop four new electric vehicle platforms that could produce a total of two million electric vehicles annually. The company also wants to establish five battery factories with a total capacity of 260 GWh.

Stellantis says It wants to ramp up existing electrification plans, and therefore invest thirty billion euros in electrification and software until 2025. This includes the four new electric vehicle platforms, which can be used for different types of vehicles. The company aims to have 70% of European sales by 2030 Low Emission Vehicles to be. For the United States, the target is 40 percent.

The four platforms are called STLA Small, STLA Medium, STLA Large, or STLA Frame. The range of these platforms will be 500, 700, 800 and 800 km, respectively. For platforms, Stellantis is also developing three electric drive units, which contains the engine, gearbox and converter. These units can be used flexibly. The Stellantis brand can be used in electric vehicles with front, rear or all-wheel drive. In addition, they can also be used to provide a hybrid drive with an electric motor.

The parent company of brands such as Alfa Romeo, Citroën and Jeep also wants to invest in large battery plants. There should be five of these, scattered across the US and Europe. This total capacity should have 130 GWh by 2025, and after five years it should be 260 GWh. This capacity indicates the number of batteries that can be manufactured at the factory, with the number of batteries dependent on the size of the battery in question.

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Stellantis also points out that he wants to look at other forms of energy storage. For example, there is talk of “high energy density options” and nickel- and cobalt-free solutions by 2024 and solid-state batteries by 2026.

All 14 Stellantis sub-brands will participate in the electrification plans, although it is not clear if all the brands will actually produce electric cars. Dodge already has it According to The Verge It announced its intention to launch an all-electric car in 2024.