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Parler appears again in the Apple App Store to block hate messages in the iOS app – IT Pro – News

The Parler app appeared again on the Apple App Store on Monday after it was banned from the platform for more than four months. Parler will now block hate speech messages in the iOS app, but will display them in the Android app and web apps.

Parler created an AI-powered iOS app mod, the company says, among other things tegen Washington Post. This AI classifies messages if they are identified as “hate speech.” In the iOS app, these messages are not displayed, in other versions of Parler, these messages are visible by clicking a notification. Parler understands hate speech as messages with racist remarks.

The app sees this hate speech blocking spam as unwanted and continues to ask Apple if they can use a warning label to display the messages, as it has in other versions. Apple still adheres to the ban as a condition to appear in the App Store.

Parler is a social moderator with little or no moderation. Apple, Amazon and Google broke up in January Their relationship with the application after the storming of the US Capitol. According to Apple, there were many messages in the app that violated Apple’s app store guidelines. Only if Parler gets an enhanced mod plan will the app appear in the App Store again. A month ago It turned out to be Apple Parler It is approved again for the App Store. As far as is known, Google has yet to approve the app.