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Video from Android 12 Shows Stacked UI Elements – Computer – News

A new Google Slides presentation leak shows a new interface for Android 12. It shows how the OS UI elements in particular change, including stacked user interface elements as they do in modern iOS.

The infusion comes from John Prosser Tech front page. He has seen a short video that Google may show at its annual I / O developer conference, which is taking place on Tuesday. In this video, you can see a slide showing the new UX and UI for Android 12. The slide shows, among other things, how the UI elements are stacked. Some of the same notifications, like calendar events, are grouped, and the user can click on them to see them all. Visually, this is very similar to the way Apple has been showing notification widgets since iOS 14.

The way notifications are displayed in the notification bar is also new. This is done with the single bead icon in the top right of the screen. It shows how many notifications the user has. If the user clicks on it, he will see all the notifications present.

Android 12 also gets a completely different user interface, according to the video. Widgets and icons have a simpler design and angles are more nearly everywhere. There are also more effects when selecting icons and tools, especially transition effects. The keyboard also changes and the lock screen gets a different clock.

The changes will likely be showcased during the upcoming Google I / O conference, Tuesday evening.