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Pat Crimson's mother dies (81): 'The loss would be unbearable' |  BV

Pat Crimson’s mother dies (81): ‘The loss would be unbearable’ | BV

BVPat Crimson, 57, had to say goodbye to his mother, Gerda, last weekend. Striker 2 Fabiola makes this known across social media. “Thank you for life and love, thank you for being a fantastically strong mother,” he wrote in the funeral message he shared. Gerda was 81 years old.

“My mom left us this weekend. She passed away very peacefully and peacefully,” Patrick Claassen, as Pat Crimson is really called, began his message. “Gerda was really exhausted, and the battle was completely over. Words betray me at the moment and the loss would be unbearable.”

Crimson has fond memories of his mother. “Mama, our bond was so cute, so warm, nothing can compare to it. Thank you for life and love, thank you for being such a wonderful strong mother. I was always so happy and proud when I went to perform. I will do my best especially for you, my dear mother , and I will elevate myself to your words: “The show must go on.” I really missed you.”

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Gerda celebrated her 81st birthday in June. “Happy birthday mom,” Pat Crimson wrote on Instagram at the time. © Instagram @pat.krimson

Residential Care Center

Gerda suffered from dementia and was living in a residential care center for some time. During previous lockdowns, she had a very hard time not allowing her son and grandson (Pat Troy’s daughter) to visit her. When the aura scales faded, it was a great relief to Gerda: “She is happy to see her grandson, although sometimes she can’t remember her name anymore. She needs our conversations,” the DJ said in the story.

He admitted that dementia was playing tricks on his mother, who was a hairdresser: “She says, for example, that she will dye my hair when she is at home. I have to agree with her and agree with her story. Otherwise, she will get angry. It is not always easy, but we try To make every day something fun.”

The courtship was overshadowed by the medical problems of Pat Crimson and Loredana: “The tumor after the tumor has now been removed” (+)

Pat Crimson lost his unruly hair and 16 kilograms: “Since I exercise and eat healthier, I feel more energetic than ever” (+)

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