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“People with serious psychological problems can hardly find help” - Casa

“People with serious psychological problems can hardly find help” – Casa


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It is especially difficult for people with serious psychological problems to find good psychological help, reports the search platform Pointer. Often they can’t even get through the really long queues.

According to psychiatry professor Jim Van Os, this concerns a growing group of patients who are not receiving proper care because they are “too complex or too sensitive to crises.” “The rationale for this is that people say, ‘Yes, but we are very specialized,'” Van Os says in the indicator. “But in fact, the word ‘specialist’ in mental health care has become another word for: ‘We just want to do simple things.'”

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Van Os also believes there should be a system in which patients with the most serious complaints are treated first, because it can be life-threatening if they have to wait too long for care. It is now the case that patients with several problems at the same time, such as an eating disorder or addiction accompanied by depression, have nowhere to go for appropriate treatment.

He therefore demands a commitment to acceptance, so that these patients do not fall between two chairs. “The emergency room has an obligation to accept treatment for someone who is bleeding. I don’t understand why it should be any different in mental health care.”

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