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Philips respirators do not appear to cause any harm to health

As far as is known, the ventilators and apnea devices that Philips recently warned about do not pose any health risk. The physicians involved (the Dutch Association of Pulmonary and Tuberculosis Physicians (NVALT)) and the four Home Respiratory Centres, along with the Health and Youth Welfare Inspectorate (IGJ), came up with the general recommendation to continue using the devices, as long as they have not been replaced or repaired. This was reported by IGJ.

Philips last month warned against several CPAP and BiPAP ventilators. Foam is used in these devices that can cause the particles to disintegrate. It can be inhaled. Potentially harmful volatile substances may also be released. Philips conducted its own investigation into this matter, and the inspection body also asked independent experts for their opinion.

Long-term adverse effects

The data available at this time do not indicate any long-term adverse effects. Immediately turning off the device may pose significant risks to all users. Practitioners and the Inspectorate consider whether continuing to use the devices is a responsible choice. The NVALT and Home Respiratory Centers and Inspectorate have developed a joint recommendation for this purpose for treating physicians.

Philips will replace some devices with another brand. Philips replaces foam for other devices. These procedures take time. Although the first results do not show significant risks, it is important that Philips does more research. The research that has already been done is too limited to rule out long-term adverse effects.

By: National Care Guide دليل