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Plumber Anwar is a hit on social media

Plumber Anwar is a hit on social media

One day, the 39-year-old businessman posted a video of working in the kitchen on YouTube for fun. To his great surprise, a million people picked him up. “The first time I posted a video, I was in a corny mood. We still had one working day at school and I thought: Let’s shoot it. I only put this video on the internet six months later. And when I looked later, it turned out and got a million views.” At first I shrugged. I didn’t know how powerful social media was. At first I didn’t think it was right for me at all. But after I posted another video I saw that I thought it was producing work. Then I started making videos every week. And I noticed that people really liked him,” says Anwar Othman in ad

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His success on YouTube has earned him a lot of work since then. “It was in my heart sad that I had to turn down tasks. But I can do more work than I can bear. The funny thing is that people feel they know you. When I come home for the first time, I hear: O Anwar, come. As if they have known me for years.” They play with me and make jokes.”

The Dutch-Moroccan discovered, last year, that he had lymphoma. Due to his health issues, he was less active on YouTube for a while and had to cancel several assignments. “Because I got sick, I had to cancel a lot of work and send employees away.” He completed his treatment last week and will have another checkup in three months, but because of this experience, he is already looking at life differently. “In moments like these, you see very clearly what is important in life: these are my children and my family. The rest is secondary.” Anwar has not yet shared with his followers his illness experiences, but he has photographed his treatment. He plans to publish this later.

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Osman is now fully occupied with his work and videos. He wants to teach people how “make your own” works and thus also shows the tools he uses. Sometimes he is patronized, but he always chooses his own material. “I only work with things that I support, because I don’t want to lie to people. Especially videos where people learn something, people learn something from it, they do a good job. Those videos should also have a sense of humor. Lots of Messages from people who say: I have nothing to do with this profession, but I love your videos.”

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At the moment, professionals are in great demand, and therefore you can earn a lot from them. Anwar also earns some money from his YouTube videos and yet continues to live in his old neighborhood. “I am just a simple boy. My mother also lives in Schilderswijk. It is important for me to live in her neighbourhood. I am also content with what I have now. I have a nice house, nice neighbors. What are you doing? Want more?”