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OpenAI signs agreement with Financial Times to provide and use training data – IT Pro – News

I assume @djwice refers to freelance authors, who write articles for a medium under certain conditions. These terms are usually put into a contract that specifically states what the broker can do with the freelancer's work, such as publishing it in a newspaper, on a website, or using it for promotional purposes. However, the use of these texts to train AI, such as AI models, often falls outside the scope of standard contractual agreements or is not specifically mentioned by name. Which could lead to (legal) problems, but in this agreement, this is more of a Financial Times problem than an OpenAI problem. Or the transfer of all rights must be expressly provided for.

@arnoudwokke, even though you're not a freelancer, do you have any idea whether articles about Tweakers, for example, could be automatically used for such purposes, or would have to be renegotiated for each freelancer? This takes into account/assumes the fact that the copyright to texts written by you (read: editors) anyway rests with Tweakers as an employee.

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