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"Police fear rocket launcher attack on RTL Boulevard, TV show where Peter R. de Vries was a guest" |  Abroad

“Police fear rocket launcher attack on RTL Boulevard, TV show where Peter R. de Vries was a guest” | Abroad

“Fear of an attack with a rocket launcher or automatic firearms on the RTL Boulevard editing room in Leidseplein in Amsterdam, according to sources within the investigative service, caused the broadcast not being possible on Saturday night,” the newspaper wrote. .

A spokesperson for the Amsterdam “triangle” made up of the mayor, the police and the Public Prosecution Service said it would not share anything about the information that reached them, so that broadcasts would not continue on Saturday. Nor does RTL comment on this and refer it to the police.

The RTL Boulevard broadcast tonight has also been cancelled. Because of the extra security measures, it was possible to broadcast from Amsterdam again, but RTL decided to give the RTL Boulevard team a rest. In the statement, RTL also wrote that “everything is going” to resume broadcasting from Monday.

According to RTL, the Netherlands is a free country and independent media are “essential to the functioning of our constitutional state”. “We continue to fight for this role, especially with RTL Boulevard, and we are very proud of the team that will pick up the topic tomorrow with the same conviction and leadership.” RTL thanks everyone for all the support data. “It is heart-warming and gives us strength. We also wish Peter and his loved ones strength.” It is not clear if they are coming from the studio in Leidseplein.

Due to safety measures, the station does not make any statements about locations and measures.