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CAS seeks revenge in an away match against RC Gooey

CAS seeks revenge in an away match against RC Gooey

With this win, CAS moved up to the fifth spot in the RC rankings. However, it is exciting in the Premier League as DIOK and Den Haag won their matches but with a lower goal difference, achieving the same number of match points as CAS RC. Halfway through the season, a top six finish will qualify you for the play-offs for the national championship.

Good start

CAS RC got off to a good start in the away match against ‘t Gooi. Shortly after kick-off, Irangi Danier scored the first try with a good effort and Hein Knoop converted to make the score 0-7. After this, ‘de Gooi came back strong. Partly due to a driving maul, two tries were conceded but both were unconverted, limiting the score to 10-7. The game then went back and forth with CAS RC having the better of the game and ‘t Gooi having the upper hand at stages, eventually CAS RC getting another penalty kick and ‘t Gooi another try, resulting in a half time score. 15. reached -10.

Second half

As the second half progressed, CAS RC continued to improve and took the lead especially in the latter part of the game. CAS RC’s defense was also excellent, so ‘t Gooi had no chance to extend its lead. The turning point in the game was initiated by Jord Dorneball breaking from close to his own try line to ‘de Kooin’s try line, where he was eventually stopped. However, due to the resulting pressure from CAS RC, the try with the conversion was still scored, CAS RC got the link and made it 22-21. Later, a good break from the scrum led to continued pressure to reach the final score of 22-28.

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Good third half

A successful match was followed by a beautiful third half: after the match, the players quickly returned to the clubhouse in Gastricum, where, along with 200 other fans, they were able to watch the World Cup final between New Zealand and South Africa. Big screen viewing.