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Prime Minister de Croo: “Do not cancel measures only if energy prices remain high” |  Instagram news VTM

Prime Minister de Croo: “Do not cancel measures only if energy prices remain high” | Instagram news VTM

If energy prices continue to rise in September, not only will the government cancel measures taken to lower the bill. Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo (Open Vld) said this in the Chamber of Deputies. Thus, he responded to the opposition’s criticism of the low value-added tax on gas during the summer months.


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During the weekly question period in the House of Representatives, Prime Minister and Energy Minister Tine van der Straiten (Gruen) was tested around the third The package of measures approved by the government on Monday evening To keep prices low. This agreement includes a temporary reduction in the value-added tax on gas and electricity, a fuel check of 200 euros and a reduction in production duties on diesel and gasoline.

For the opposition, the deal is too little and too late. Peter Mertens, Member of Parliament for Lidl. Barbara Bass (Vlaams Belang) also stated, “Citizens are not literally and figuratively excited about this. For Bert Wollants (N-VA), the agreement is also unbalanced, because those who heat with fuel oil receive a much higher contribution relatively than those gas heating.

“Faster and wider”

The three politicians also criticized the fact that the reduction of the value-added tax on gas from 21 to 6 percent will come during the summer months. Prime Minister de Croo responded that an assessment was scheduled for September. The Prime Minister emphasized that if it turns out that energy prices are still high, the government will not only decide to cancel the measures.

De Crowe also compared the measures to the decisions taken by the Netherlands and France. The Belgian government’s interventions seemed to be going “faster and broader”. “Don’t come and say this government is not taking measures compared to other countries,” the prime minister said.

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Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo. © BELGA