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Prison Break actor Wentworth Miller was diagnosed with autism last year: 'Shock, but no surprise' |  showbiz

Prison Break actor Wentworth Miller was diagnosed with autism last year: ‘Shock, but no surprise’ | showbiz

Famous PeopleWentworth Miller, 49, known from the TV series Prison Break, was diagnosed with autism last year. He made it known on Instagram. “That’s not something I’d like to change.”

“This fall marks a year since I was unofficially diagnosed with autism, preceded by a self-diagnosis, followed by a formal diagnosis,” Wentworth Miller wrote in a lengthy Instagram post. The actor points out that it was a difficult process to finally get that diagnosis. “I am a middle-aged man. Not five years old. But on the other hand, I realize that getting a diagnosis is a privilege not for everyone.”

Shock, but not surprising

“Let’s just say it was a shock,” Wentworth says. “But not a surprise.” The actor adds that he won’t necessarily talk about an entire community. “I don’t know enough about this. Now I’m trying to get a better understanding. To see five decades of experience through a new lens. It’s going to take some time.”

He adds decisively, “It’s not something I would change. I immediately understood that autism was central to me. For everything I’ve achieved. To the many people who, consciously or unconsciously, have given me some extra space in recent years and made sure I can navigate through the the world in a way that means something to me, even if it doesn’t do it to them anyway: Thank you. And to people who have made a different choice: Well. People will always show themselves.”

No gay characters

Wentworth Miller rose to fame as Michael Scofield on the Prison Break series. In 2020, he announced that he would no longer play the role, as he no longer wanted to play heterosexual characters. The actor came out in 2013 in response to Russia’s anti-gay policies. “So no more Michael. If you’re a fan of the show and are hoping for more seasons, I understand this is a disappointment. Sorry about that,” Miller wrote on Instagram. “If you’re mad because you were in love with a fictional straight guy played by a gay guy, that’s your problem.”

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