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Antwerp fights for the three points against the brave Eupen |  Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

Antwerp fights for the three points against the brave Eupen | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

Antwerp held the three points at home against the relentless Jooben. At Bosuil, the home team allowed Eupen to score the connecting goal twice and so it remained exciting until the end. Both Keita and Nainggolan scored a world goal. “A draw was possible,” said coach Euben Kramer.

Antwerp – Leoben in a nutshell:

  • Key moment: With a score of 3-2, Eupen is doing everything he can to get a point of fire in the final stage. Privlejak can still advance in injury time, but Botiz saves. Not so long after that in the 95th minute. But then on the other side after a goal from Firststreet.
  • man of the match: After his excellent comeback against Standard, Benson turned on his wing again. He made an assist and made it 2-0 by himself.
  • distinct: Antwerp scores almost every match in the Jupiler Pro League. Of the 19 games played, Bryan’s guns were silent only once. It happened on August 1 against KV Kortrijk.

Benson rolls on his wing again

Both coaches were worried. Priske had to dispense with suspended Seck and Bataille while Krämer saw 4 players injured. So Yubin’s coach made 5 substitutions. In Antwerp, Bryske Baliquicha and Benson rewarded their good substitute against Standard, but Frey was surprisingly off the bench.

Antwerp immediately dominated the game and could threaten multiple times. However, it was Yubin who missed the opportunity after a short pass from Firststreet. But Privlejack did not open the present.

The home team created a danger, especially with some long shots. That was a little half an hour ago. Benson curled the skin on the Samatta marble with his header: 1-0.

Eupin carefully put his nose to the window several times, but great danger came from the Antwerps. De Lat once tested Himmelmann’s fists, after which Benson began to spin again. The graceful winger came to aim for the short corner with the left. 2-0, goal and assist for Benson. Enjoy it brown owl.

But a neutral soccer fan can also enjoy it. Keita took a falling ball hard on the shoe. A great shot that Botiz did not resort to. Eupen is back in the game.

Biting nails into the Bosuil lock

“What Keita can do, I can do too,” Nainggolan must have thought. We were less than 3 minutes into the second half when ‘Il Ninja’ hit a slam dunk. He again showed the amount of gunpowder in his right leg. The match seemed over and it was like stealing. Benson swung the leather sharply in front of goal, but de Lat was short by a few centimeters.

There was no speck in the air in Antwerp, and then Brisky pulled the mighty Benson and Nainggolan carriers to the side. However, Eupen returned to the game out of nowhere. Ngoy, a good actor, sent Privlejack to the alley. 3-2, Eupen was still alive after Brevlyak’s lifeline.

The Bosnian still had a chance to equalize on the ball, but Botiz took it well. Yubin did everything he could, but also gave some space. Verstraete can take advantage of that. The match ended 4-2. Even if he waits until the 95th minute.

Antwerp jumps over Anderlecht again to third place. Eupen is still in ninth place.

Peters: “Our hearts are so tight”

Steve Peters (Eupin): “Our core is simply not of enough quality, too tight. If you then have to miss 3 important boys, it will be difficult for a team like Eupen, especially against a team that can draft 2 teams. Lucky. In the end, it was not enough. Last year, 5-6 boys left and no one showed up. Against Antwerp, Fischer and Frey can sit quietly on the bench. In general, we are only in a short period. You remember that Antwerp doubt but in 90 minutes a deserved victory. “

Radja Nainggolan (Antwerp): “I think we controlled the game after 3-1. We just gave up in the last 10 to 15 minutes. We just have to keep playing the ball cool there. We controlled the game for 70 minutes. Great the team doesn’t have those problems. I went to the side a little bit as a measure My precaution. I had some pain in my calf. I got kicked again in the last game. When I scored, we were fighting back and I thought I’d give it a try. It turned out well. I try every now and then and he gets in. But I think Keita was a little more difficult.”

Brian Brisky (Antwerp): “It was a tough match. We were actually in control, but I always thought Eupen was dangerous on the counters and on the set pieces. In the end I think we deserved to win that match. Sometimes we gave a lot of space. Eupen. But that’s the case in Sometimes. In the end I saw a good mentality. Especially in defense. The three points are the most important. We have to do better, especially in this match.”

Stephen Kramer (Eupin): “We had good moments with the ball in the first half. The mistakes we made against us were very easy. I will also tell the boys that tomorrow. Not now, because they are very tired. In the second half we wanted it. We had a tough 20 minutes after that early goal.” We all got in. Overall, I think a tie was possible. We had a good mentality. The boys fought to the end. I’m very proud of them. Because we lost a lot of guys today.”

  1. The End, 8 p.m. 36. The End. Game Over. It was also exciting after 3-1 for Nainggolan, but Verstreet sealed the match over the counter in the 95th minute. & nbsp; .
  2. The second half, the 96th minute, the game is over
  3. A goal during the second half, the 95th minute, by Berger Verstreet from Antwerp. 4, 2.
  4. The second half, the 95th minute. A goal! 4-2 Firststreet. There is no tie, but 4-2. Verstraete is now completely deciding the match. The three points remain in Antwerp. .
  5. Second half, 94th minute. Privlejak can head again and put Botiz to work. But the goalkeeper makes a great save. & nbsp; .
  6. The second half, the 92nd minute. Antwerp takes another free kick in an interesting place. Verstraete teaching is aimed at the goal. & nbsp; .
  7. Yellow card for Gary Magnée of KAS Eupen during the second half, 91st minute
  8. The second half, 89th minute. It’s still too hot for Botiz’s cage. Ngoy seizes his chance again. The ball deflects and falls on the surface of the goal. & nbsp; .
  9. The second half, the 86th minute. Najwa, to make a good substitute, dives at a distance of 16 meters and can also hit. Botties is doing well. .
  10. The second half, the 84th minute. Substitution in the Eupen Cup, Leonardo Rocha inside, Silas Janaca outside
  11. The second half, the 84th minute. Now Krämer puts everything in everything and throws a new striker with Rocha. Will there be another final attack by visitors? .
  12. The second half, the 83rd minute. Substitution in Antwerp, Pierre Duomo inside, Peter Jerkins outside
  13. The second half, the 80th minute. Suddenly hope flared up again in Yobin. They have just over 10 minutes to do something about the buildup. It’s exciting again in Bosuil. & nbsp; .
  14. Second half, 79th minute.
  15. The second half, the 78th minute. Goal! 3-2 Privlejack. Eupen is not dead yet. In the last quarter, Prevljak could beat Butez again. Is there still something in it for visitors? .
  16. A goal during the second half, the 77th minute, by Ismael Privlijak of Kas Eupin. 3, 2.
  17. The second half, the 76th minute. Substitution in Antwerp, and Michael Frey entered, and Benson Manuel came out
  18. The second half, the 76th minute. Applause for Raja. The match seemed to be over and so Priske made a substitution. Nainggolan, among others, goes to the side to applaud loudly. Then Frye comes between the lines again. & nbsp; .
  19. The second half, the 76th minute. Substitution in Antwerp, Al-Hassan Youssef inside, Radja Nainggolan outside.
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