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Proximus offers Doktr GP Consulting via the app – IT Pro – News

Care and health are vital, so easy access to care can be a good solution. What I miss about this solution is a clear explanation of the interests of companies like Proximus,, or even itsme.

If a company starts selling its services by primarily indicating the benefits and the number of people who actually value or use them, then those interests should be viewed more critically.

For example, Proximus states in its privacy statement that it also processes personal data to analyze browsing behavior and to better personalize experience and content. Or even a counseling evaluation analysis even though it is not a medical company. Archiving and statistics is also a very broad definition by which it can mean anything while it may be very personal medical data. Combating fraud, phishing and identity theft is also broadly defined.
The data they use for exactly what is not entirely clear.

In fact, it appears that the platform hardly answers the questions of why they see this trade. The website is more like a commercial than you can find answers to questions about how the platform and company handle your health data or even handle your personal data.

So at first it looks like a well-intentioned service that can suit patients, general practitioners, and insurance companies in order to save time and possibly money. But the question is whether you should only look at this because companies see health services and health data as a business.

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