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Putin wants to talk ‘immediately’ with the US and NATO about security guarantees

Vladimir Poetin © AFP

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants “immediate” talks with NATO and the United States on security guarantees for his country. According to the Kremlin, he said during a telephone conversation with his Finnish representative Sauli Niinistö.

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According to an interview with the Russian government, President Putin wants to “negotiate as soon as possible to achieve international guarantees of our country’s security.” He wants to prevent NATO from expanding further east. Moreover, Russia does not want to place arms systems in neighboring countries such as Ukraine.

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Russia has amassed a large army on the border with its neighbors who want to join NATO. This is a major concern in Western capitals. There are fears that Russia is considering an invasion. During a meeting with President Ninisto, President Putin said that Ukraine was increasingly using “heavy weapons and attack drones” against Russian-backed rebels in the east.

Finland has been working closely with NATO and has been considering joining for some time.

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