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Raspberry Pi Foundation removes default user “Pi” from Raspberry Pi OS – Computer – News

The Raspberry Pi OS will no longer ship with the default user “Pi”. Having it can make it easier brute forceAttacking the operating system installation. These default credentials are also blocked on internet devices.

instead of The default user in the system must now give the Raspberry Pi OS the opportunity to create a user from scratch. This is possible regardless of the form that the installation takes. If you choose a standard installation, you will see a wizard during the first boot that facilitates this.

Anyone who installs Pi OS Lite will also receive a file urgent For this, albeit less impressive graphically. Who has the headless The Pi will be able to specify its username in the Raspberry Pi Imager, or manually with a text file that must be pasted with an encrypted username and password.

Finally, if this change prompted you to rename the Pi user in the current installation, you can do that as well, with effect from this new version. It does not have a version number, but its date: 04-04-2022.

The reason why this OS installation is more vulnerable to a default username attack is that if an attacker is to guess the credentials, he already knows the username. This is half testimonials need to enter.

Raspberry Pi makers also reported that with this new update, it is no longer necessary to use USB mice and keyboards to connect Bluetooth mice and keyboards. on the front page From the installation wizard, if allowed, the Pi will pairing mode Togo. It will automatically pair with the first mouse and keyboard it finds.

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