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Research into infringing behavior in the entire sport

Research into infringing behavior in the entire sport

Gymnastics federation KNGU and umbrella sports organization NOC*NSF came out this week with an apology for victims in the world of gymnastics. They can all receive an allowance of 5,000 euros, which is the standard amount in these types of cases. “But what would it be 5,000 euros if you woke up every day with mental problems?” said Groen Linkseer Westerfeld.

Other parties also find the amount too low and think the Secretary of State should do something about it.

Bloches would like it too, but noted that the standard amount also applies to victims of abuse in other sectors, such as youth care. “I don’t want to be discriminated against in misery. It’s all nonsense.” He believes that you can’t just increase compensation for victims of major sports.

Annual Monitoring

VVD member Heerema is sure it’s not a problem specific to her role which is why he’s also supporting a broad investigation. He said, “We shouldn’t wait for anyone to come out.” Blochis made several proposals for improvement, such as the professionalization of disciplinary law and the prevention of abuses. He wants to watch how things go every year.

The House of Representatives has also requested separate attention to dance sports, with victims of abuse also being explicitly reported. Blochis promised to conduct an in-depth investigation into this matter. He wants to determine later how exactly that will happen. The problem with this is that dance is not only seen as a sport, but as a culture as well. According to the foreign minister, the study of MeToo is already underway from the cultural sector to the world of dance.

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