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review | Mario Strikers Battle League

  • nice mess
  • The kernel is good
  • Hyper shots
  • She has so little to offer
  • The tutorial is sometimes very difficult

To be fair, the Nintendo Switch didn’t turn out to be my greatest friend. I bought the device a few years ago to rediscover my love for Nintendo. Since Super Nintendo and GameBoy Color, the company has completely ignored it. I had a great time with Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, followed by some smaller titles. After that, the hybrid console was mostly dust, until Mario Strikers Battle League was in the mailbox. Is this my new addiction?

I’ve never had the predecessor of this title, called Mario Strikers Charged Football. Played with friends. So I went to try this adventure with a new look. After a positive experience with Mario Tennis Aces and a less positive experience with Mario Golf, I was curious to know what was prepared by Nintendo. In any case, it must not have been out of good faith, as I was willing to accept that title.

Isn’t real football easier?

The game begins with a remarkably long tutorial for a sports game. The game explains how to pass, shoot, slip and dribble in the game of 5 vs 5 soccer. Each side contains a deeper layer. You can pass on the ground and in the air, shoot in corners or hard, slide alone or with a teammate and do perfect dribbling to give yourself a boost. All of these skills are tested in short practice matches. During these training games, you should try to practice all the acquired skills. Applying all these skills in a training game is more difficult than defeating an opponent online. Not exactly good for confidence, is it?

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Besides skills, there are more things that can affect the match. The colored orb is important, because by acquiring it you will get a few seconds to make a super shot. This is a fast time event that can give you a chance to score up to two goals in one shot. In addition, weapons regularly appear on the field to harass the opponent. Think of the well-known banana peels, shields, and mushrooms. This is also all explained in the tutorial.

When you finish the tutorial, there are actually two options: play pots online or play pots offline. You can choose from individual duels and individual cups in offline mode. No story or campaign. It’s wrong to blame Nintendo for Mario Golf and it’s being remade into Mario Strikers Battle League. The result is that there is a very lean single player that can entertain the player for a very short time. Only the ability to play locally with eight (!) players makes up for it. It must be said that it is a great party game.

By playing matches, you earn coins. These coins can be used to purchase equipment. This gear modifies the skills of the ten characters at your disposal. Think Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Donkey Kong, among others. The latter is a force that you can use as a strong pack for the ball. However, with the right equipment, you can also give him a little more speed. Don’t expect big differences, but the great tacticians of this world will probably love them.

Then quickly online

Since there isn’t much to do offline, I quickly resorted to taking refuge online. You can play single games (alone, together online, or with a complete stranger) or create a club in Club Mode. Here up to 20 teams can come together to challenge the leaderboard. Finding a tractor is fast and smooth. In addition, the online games are stable and four minutes long.

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You can play it all while enjoying a stable frame rate, 1080p display resolution, and 60fps in docked mode. I also recommend this at all times, because playing Mario Strikers Battle League in manual mode takes fatigue. There is so much going on on the small screen at your fingertips that keeping an overview can be very challenging. It may be because I hate mobile devices, but I have a strong feeling that the game looks a lot better on TV.


So what is the conclusion? Mario Strikers Battle League is an entertaining game at its core. It’s chaotic due to the characters and the lack of rules and add-ons for known weapons, but that’s part of the charm. At the same time, it ensures that you can’t always control the match. Luck certainly plays a factor. In addition, the lack of content almost kills this game. The single player is very minimal and the game cannot sell itself enough online only. Nintendo dares to ask €59.99 for current content is somewhat outrageous. Let’s hope it gets out of hand in the near future and offers some other content updates.