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Review: The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos

Review: The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos

On Danger to the Gorgon Obsidian Entertainment developer is now showing its second and final expansion Outside worlds, call Killed on Eridanos. We dive into the Halcyon Colony for the last time to see if this new DLC marks a good ending for this RPG.

at Killed on Eridanos We are asked to investigate the murder of actress Ruth Bellamy, better known as Halcyon Helen, in “Terror on Monarch”. Helen was also the face of Rizzo and was on Eridanos to reveal a new product. After landing at the Eridanos Atmospheric complex, the place where this expansion is taking place, we are immediately escorted to the dance floor of the Grand Colonial Hotel as well as to the crime scene. There we receive a discrepancy amplifier from the pathologist. This insensitive device has a somewhat intelligent character, but it can help us solve the murder case. By scanning things and the like, traces and clues become visible. For example, at the crime scene we see a footprint from Helen and the letter “B” written on the floor. Was she trying to write her killer’s name here or was the killer trying to mislead us? What follows is the interrogation of various suspects and the search of various sites for clues.

Just like in the base game and Danger to the Gorgon, very Killed on Eridanos An interesting group of characters. For example, there is a fellow actor Helen who was always jealous of her, the soccer player and also the lover of Helen and the head of SubLight Underground who clearly has no problems killing people. Sarcastic humor makes it fun to talk to different characters. In your hotel room, you can quietly examine the murder case and get information about various suspects and victims (yes, not only Helen was killed by the killer) and evidence that knows how to find it.

The Eridanos Atmospheric complex itself consists of a number of islands that formed on asteroids and are connected by bridges. It’s a nice place to visit, although that wouldn’t be the case for Rizzo staff, like anywhere else in the Halcyon Colony. If they do not do their job well or offend the employer, they receive a “special treatment” with a parasite, so that afterward they only have happy thoughts. So Rizzo’s motto is: “Happy employees make happy customers. Happy customers are repeat customers.”

In addition to the interesting homicide investigation, there are several optional tasks that must be pursued. You can also find a number of tracks, your characters and companions can level up again, and there are many new weapons and armor, including three new science weapons.

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Killed on Eridanos So it mainly depends on what the base game and the first expansion already did. So far you will discover a little new and this second expansion is especially nice for those who, after completing the game and the first expansion, are still unable to get enough storylines, interesting characters, good dialogues and sarcastic humor.