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Robert Downey Jr.  I didn't want to shoot this iconic "Avengers: Endgame" scene

Robert Downey Jr. I didn’t want to shoot this iconic “Avengers: Endgame” scene

Robert Downey Jr. He wasn’t originally going to make a creative scene Avengers: Endgame to include . But brothers Russo and Kevin Feige decided it had to be done.

It is specifically about “I am Iron Man”moment from the movie. This is clear from the book Marvel Studios Story: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic UniverseMarvel president Kevin Feige says the problem has been difficult to solve.

“I am Iron Man”
“Robert told me that when he found out we wanted to go back and do a new version of probably the most emotional shot, he didn’t really want to.” Kevin Feige revealed.

“I mean, it’s not easy and certainly not something you just announced over the phone. So, it was hard for Robert to live again. It was also hard for us to understand exactly where we were. We found out with the story,” Co-manager stuffed Anthony Russo in a.

He thought in the editing room that Tony Stark had to say something. “I mean, you have a character that lives with jokes and so you have to die that way. We’ve tried a million different versions. I’m inevitable,” Thanos said, and our editor Jeff Ford, who worked on four Marvel films that worked with us together, said, “Why? Don’t we come full circle and say, ‘I’m Iron Man?’

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