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No Golden Globes expected next year |  Movie

No Golden Globes expected next year | Movie

MovieConfusion about the Golden Globes: NBC announced in a statement that it will not broadcast the most prestigious film awards in 2022. The Foreign Press Association of Hollywood has come under fire after it was criticized for not having enough blacks on the jury. It has not been confirmed whether this means the Golden Globe Awards will not take place in 2022.

NBC, which has been broadcasting the Golden Globes for decades, will not do so in 2022. “We continue to believe that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) is committed to meaningful reforms. However, changing this size takes time. And we think HFPA will take time to fix it. Therefore, NBC will not be broadcasting the 2022 Golden Globe Awards. We expect the organization to implement its plan and hope we can broadcast the show in January 2023. “

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is the club of Hollywood film journalists that determines who wins. But the organization is under heavy criticism because diversity in jury members is hard to come by. Several organizations also complain about the small number of award-nominated actors and filmmakers. The Oscars have also come under fire for this reason in recent years.


HFPA announced last week that it would implement reforms. The new procedures stipulate that at least 20 new members will be appointed this year, with a special focus on recruiting blacks. Admission guidelines will also be relaxed somewhat. It is no longer necessary for journalists who register to work in print media. Other media formats, such as video, are now also allowed.

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New positions within the organization will also be included, including the person responsible for diversity and inclusion, the chief of finance and the head of human resources. In addition, HFPA members will no longer accept donations from filmmakers or organizations that have to rate their work for the Golden Globe Awards. In this way, further discussion of prejudice cannot arise.

Inappropriate candidates

Our Lady of Hollywood, Christian Gables, who has been a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for years, had already audited the situation at the time. It is unrealistic that they are now openly accusing us of racism. Especially because we try so hard to ensure that we are well represented by all branches of society. For example, we have many members of Hispanic and Asian descent. Reality. Given membership requirements, HFPA is made up entirely of immigrants, 35 percent of whom are of non-European ancestry. On top of that, we count women more than men, which is also amazing. ”

“So why don’t we have black members? Absolutely not because we wanted it this way ourselves. The reason is simple: there are currently no black journalists living in Los Angeles who publish abroad and fulfill all the membership requirements. If there are black journalists who want to become a member, that is even better. We want nothing more than diversification, but we are not getting these requests.Don’t worry. We have been aware of this issue for some time and have already written to foreign journalism colleges on our initiative, asking if black students would like to do an internship with us. Now just a gang of racists hurts. It really makes me sick. “

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Another channel

NBC hopes to air the Golden Globes again in 2023, but for now it is distancing itself from the show. It is not known if another channel will broadcast the concert. Previously, several PR agencies threatened not to want to cooperate with the Hollywood Foreign Journalists Association if the changes were not implemented quickly.

Currently there is one Emergency A meeting with members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

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