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A Dutch gynecologist has at least 47 children...

A Dutch gynecologist has at least 47 children…

A second doctor has been discovered in the Netherlands who administered fertility treatments using donor sperm, but secretly used his own.

The late doctor Jan Karbaat gave birth to at least 81 donor children in this way. It now appears that gynecologist Jan Wildschut of the former Sophia Hospital in Zwolle in the Netherlands has given birth to at least 47 babies with his sperm. This is according to a study published on Wednesday by an external committee.

It was previously known that Wildschut, as an employee of the Sophia Hospital, had given birth to at least 33 children from the women he treated. Wildschut died in 2009, and carried out his actions between 1980 and 1994.

During this period, at least two unparalleled children were also conceived with Wildschut or the paternal father. Ina Kuper, the hospital’s director, tells RTV Oost that the 49 children are just “the tip of the iceberg.” According to the hospital, this is because women can decide for themselves whether to take a relationship test. Perhaps not everyone has done this yet. Cooper now invites women who have doubts to come forward.

In October, it was first announced that Wildschut, as an employee of Sophia Hospital, had given birth to several donor babies in the 1980s and 1990s without the knowledge of the intended parents. The issue has surfaced through matches in several international DNA databases. Viom, the institute that deals with paternity questions, has created a virtual Wildschut donor profile to see if more donor children are related to the deceased doctor.

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