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Russians admit retreating to eastern Ukraine as Ukrainians advance further

Russians admit retreating to eastern Ukraine as Ukrainians advance further

Russian forces seemed surprised by the violent Ukrainian attack. According to Kyiv, more than 3,000 square kilometers of area have already been restored in recent days. This is a little more than the province of Antwerp.

By the way, Kyiv says that the Russians too north It is pushed back away from Kharkov. There will be video footage of soldiers raising the Ukrainian flag in several villages north of Kharkov and even near the border with Russia. According to the Ukrainians, Russian forces there also appear to be retreating at the border without offering much resistance. On the other hand, Russia says that in the past 24 hours, thousands of people from that part of Ukraine have fled across the border into Russia. Perhaps it concerns the “collaborators” with the Russian occupation who now fear the punishment of the judiciary in Ukraine.

In recent weeks, the Russians have moved many troops from eastern Ukraine to its south as another major Ukrainian counter-offensive rages there. Apparently, it was now used by the Ukrainians to break through the weak Russian lines in the eastern Donbass region. On the other hand, the modern Western armament that Ukraine is now acquiring is playing an increasingly important role, allowing to attack the supply lines and reserves of the Russians far from the front.

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