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Screaming under the intense heat waves of the northwestern United States

An intense heat wave has devastated the southwestern United States for several days, setting several temperature records. Heat warnings are being sent from Washington to southern Oregon. It was 42.2 degrees in Portland today. “This is one of the most intense and longest heat waves in history,” the National Weather Service (NWS) said.

So far, the hottest temperatures in Portland have been recorded at 41.7 degrees Celsius in 1965 and 1981, respectively. Today in Seattle it is 38.3 degrees Celsius. A record according to the NWS. In addition, for the fourth time in history, the city’s temperature rose to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.7 degrees Celsius).


Meanwhile, residents are advised to stay indoors, keep the shutters closed, hydrate well, and use fans. But even then, an Oregon resident says it was “unbearable.” “Despite the sunscreen, shady spaces and plenty of water, I was almost out on the way to the store,” the tweet said.

Meanwhile, local authorities fear public transportation, emergency services overload and power outages. After all, the massive use of air conditioners can overheat the electrical network.

The southern regions of the United States are also currently being devastated by severe weather.

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