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Sculptural design of Fuego Camina Conmigo

Sculptural design of Fuego Camina Conmigo

Not only private homes, but also office spaces should be suitable for people who spend time in them. Fuego Camina Conmigo is fortunate to move into a new office that accurately reflects their values ​​and corporate identity.

Designer Isern Serra knows how to provide businesses with spaces that showcase their DNA in a beautiful and functional way in a unique way. He also did the same with the Spanish marketing agency Fuego Camina Conmigo in Barcelona. The company wanted to take advantage of the design of its new headquarters to spatially shape its values. At the same time, the space serves as the new showroom for the furniture company SANCAL. Although it is clear that the new office should correspond to the professional activities that take place there, equal attention has been paid to creating a pleasant atmosphere that promotes creativity and well-being. Therefore, the result is a dynamic and multifunctional space where architecture and geometric shapes are at the fore in a cheerful mood. It was important in this project that the open space did not correspond to the typical glass envelopes that characterize offices. It concerns a third floor renovation project in a building in the industrial area of ​​Gracia. The company’s requirements include meeting rooms, a permanent work space for forty-four people, an agora area, and service areas such as a kitchen, toilets, and storage space. Sera decided to put the agora in the center of the office as a kind of square. Service areas are close to the entrance where employees will find pantries, restrooms and meeting rooms. You’ll find five different variants of the latter, including one large copy. An important element is that these spaces have different dimensions, which makes the sculptural style clear. In addition, unique metal beams appear in the meeting rooms. Moreover, the kitchen can accommodate thirty people at the same time and this place can also be used as a training room. Serra decided to place several wall openings here, so that a large amount of daylight would flow in. In addition, the entrance to the kitchen has a rounded shape, which immediately brings out the sculptural aspect again.

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Architectural lines and shapes, an attractive palette and an industrial look.

Furniture throughout the office was provided by the Spanish company SANCAL. The selection includes brands such as Remnant, Diwan and Totem. The agora is probably the best place to display the pieces, as this space is by far the most open and multifunctional. Sofas, table and other pieces together with colorful round rugs form a balanced whole. In addition, the space has several islands, each with its own color, where spontaneous meetings and gatherings can take place. Private spaces were previously provided at the back of the office. For example, in the last room you will find four custom-made tables by Fusteria Vidal, each seating 11 people which also has a sculptural touch. Lighting throughout the office was achieved in collaboration with Leds C4. Follow-up points are installed in agora, while work tables of the TUBS model from Nahtrang Studio are lit. In addition to the product specifications, this desk is distinguished by its architectural lines and shapes, attractive color palette and somewhat industrial look. These elements come together in a pleasant atmosphere that invites you to work. Going to work is fun every day in an office like that of Fuego Camina Conmigo. In this design by Isern Serra, you see an alluring play with interesting shapes, beautiful materials and a unique ambiance. This project is therefore a perfect example of the importance of a work environment that closely matches the identity and focus of the company in question.

Photo by Salva Lopez

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