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The environment of the Delacroix metro station is getting greener

The environment of the Delacroix metro station is getting greener

A greener canal bank is planned in the area around Delacroix and Abbatoir metro stations. It is a redevelopment that fits into the Heyvaert-Pointcaré urban renewal contract.

Anderlecht municipality is planning to rebuild the neglected connection between Robsey Chodron and Fernand Demetzkai, near Delacroix metro station. The project is part of a larger renovation of all public spaces between Clemenceau and Delacroix metro stations as part of the Heyvaert-Pointcaré urban renewal contract. This should improve the public space in the neighborhood and provide additional facilities.

The idea is to make the landscape greener on the Ropsy Chaudron-Jules Ruhl axis. This strip, with many remaining unattractive spaces, is planted with 28 trees and flower bulbs. To do this, an empty and dilapidated building will also be demolished on the corner of Ropsy Chaudronstraat and Jules Ruhlstraat.

© ORG / Bas Smets

| Additional trees will be planted around the Rupsi Chodron Bridge

Stairs with bicycle rails

The Ropsy Chaudron Bridge itself will be completely preserved, but the massive bridge staircase at the metro station will be replaced by several “open and clear stairs”. Today there are many angles where visibility is limited. The rails will be installed on the west bank of the canal at the Recy-K recycling center to transport bikes. Previously, they were forced to cycle to the next bridge or carry their bicycle over their shoulder to the bottom of the stairs.

Landscape designer Bas Smet was chosen for the design. The well-known landscape architect and his former office were chosen to design the new Sint-Gillis front yard, among other things.

The Delacroix greening project is under public scrutiny until February 12, 2022. Until then, you can submit your objections or comments to the municipality. After the public inquiry, the advisory committee will work on the objections and a series of recommendations, in order to arrive at a final recommendation. Based on this, a building permit can be issued.

Schematic overview of the new staircase between Demetskaya Bridge and Rupsi Chodron Bridge

© ORG / Bas Smets

| The architect goes for “open and clear staircases” in the design. In this example you see Fernand Demetsky.

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