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Second 'Black Saturday' on European roads due to holiday traffic: more than 1,000 km of traffic congestion in France this afternoon travels

Second ‘Black Saturday’ on European roads due to holiday traffic: more than 1,000 km of traffic congestion in France this afternoon travels

UpdateToday is the second “Black Saturday” of holiday traffic in Europe. It is especially crowded on the motorways in southern Germany and France and on the roads to the Italian coast. The delay between Milan and San Marino is now about five hours.

As millions of vacationers travel to their destination on Saturday or go home, organizations such as Touring and VAB warned ahead of time about heavy traffic on European roads. Although the traffic jams are starting slower than they were last week, there were more than 1,000 kilometers of traffic jams in France at the busiest time of the day, around 12 noon. This has been reported by the mobility organizations VAB and Touring.

The busiest road in France As expected this afternoon the A7 is between Lyon and Orange. There, motorists lose an additional 3 hours 10 minutes and 2 hours and 20 minutes to those driving towards Spain. Traffic jams in the south are gradually decreasing. As for the return of traffic, traffic jams will continue to increase in the coming hours. VAB expects the busiest moment there at 3pm.

in a Germany On Saturday afternoons the city is very crowded in the south, with traffic jams on the ring road around Munich and on the A8 Karlsruhe-Munich-Salzburg.

in a Switzerland There is a traffic jam in front of the Gothardtunnel towards Italy and on the A2 Lucerne – Gothard – Chiasso.

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in a Austria It is very crowded with small traffic jams on the A10 Salzburg – Villach and on the A11 Villach – Slovenia for Karawankentunnel.

in a Italy There is very heavy traffic with traffic jams on the A1 Milan – Bologna – Rome motorway, on the A14 Bologna – Ancona – Bari motorway and on the A22 Brenner – Verona motorway.

The only long traffic congestion in Holland, about 16 kilometers, was on the A9 motorway (Amstelveen – Alkmaar) on Saturday morning at the Rottpolderplein junction. The traffic congestion was not caused by vacationers but by the planned roadworks; The link road is closed. By the beginning of the era, the traffic congestion had reduced to about 9 km.