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Surprising triples and farewell to Ingeborg's top favorites: This was the 'K2 Looking for K3' quarter-final |  TV

Surprising triples and farewell to Ingeborg’s top favorites: This was the ‘K2 Looking for K3’ quarter-final | TV

TVThen there were six – four girls and two boys. Julia, Celester, Amy, Diddy, Remy and Luca are still on their way to becoming the new K3. Manu and Kato lost favorite in the third show. The participants were on stage for the first time as a trio and were joined by Metegor, Milo, Gap Recima and no one but James Blunt. In this article we list all the highlights and events.

After a fictional second studio show last week, eight candidates were still vying on Saturday night to become Classy’s successor or successor. Amy, Celester, Didi, Julia, Kato, Luca, Manu and Remy also sang in the quarter-finals for the first time with a triple, each time with a different great artist: Metegor, Milo and Jab Resima. Above all, K2 looking for K3 received international visitors, because British singer James Blunt also came to the show for an exceptional performance with the nominees. Hanne and Marthe question the participants’ friends and relatives in order to get to know them a little better.

At the third studio show, five gold seats were split. In the end Dade, Amy, Celeste, Julia and Luca ended up there. Manu, Kato, and Remy withdrew, although the latter received a golden ticket from Hanne & Marthe. For Dutchman Manu and psychologist Cato, Ingeborg’s favorite, the competition is sadly over.

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These were all offers:

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In addition to their performance with the guest artist, the nominees have also performed a colorful opening track on “Land Van De Regenboog”.

The candidates came out of their comfort zone for the first time Saturday night by venturing out on a number other than K3. Kato and Luca She took off and sang “Whatever It Takes” with Milow.

Metejoor tri-shape with Remy and ManoThey put together his famous song “1 Op Een Miljoen”.

Julia and Celeste He stood next to James Blunt and sang the monster song “You’re Beautiful”.

Yap gave Resima with Dead and Amy The best of himself during the emotional “Now We Don’t Talk Anymore”.

In addition, all the semi-finalists sang another K3 song complete with acting and dancing. Amy He chose a cheerful “Borst Vooruit,” but it didn’t convince the jury as much as last week. She ended up in fifth place.

Celester She showed her romantic side with “Kusjesdag”, and took third place.

he gave He stole the show with “Star”. Both the general jury and the Dutch professional jury paid tribute. As a result, she ended up in the first seat.

after the Dutch Julia She was rescued several times, and now it seems that she has found her niche. With Bij De Politie, she gave an excellent performance.

kato The monster chose to hit “Ushuaia”. Unfortunately, that did not give her a place in the semi-finals.

Luca The sea sought her this time. With “Dipper Dan de Zee” he again received mixed reviews from the jury, although he managed to take fourth place.

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Last week I got the golden ticket, but the adventure is this week manu Unfortunately ended. However, she did better with her own version of “Meiden Van de Brandweer”.

Also experienced Remy It was hard to understand. The jury was not enthusiastic about his performance. With his version of “Love Gives Je Vleugels” he did not win the gold seat, although Han and Marthy saved him afterwards.

Next week, the Red Devils will be exceptionally comfortable on Saturday, who will next play a World Cup qualifier against Estonia. On Saturday 20 November, K2 will be looking for the return of K3 and will start the final race, with a fantastic semi-final.

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