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Slovenian town disappointed after 'Melania Fever': 'She didn't help us' |  abroad

Slovenian town disappointed after ‘Melania Fever’: ‘She didn’t help us’ | abroad

Expectations soared in Slovenia when Melania Trump, a Slovenian by birth, became the first lady of the United States. Her hometown of Sevnica was cashing in. Now the balance is set. “It was not useful to us.”

She would have put Sevnica, east of the capital, Ljubljana, on the map, or at least significantly promoted Slovenia. Either way, it became frustrating for its citizens. Melania Trump has actually done nothing to highlight the city and the region from its roots. That’s the conclusion frustrated citizens are now making that the first lady has left the White House for a while.

In a report for the Swiss quality newspaper “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”, the five thousand inhabitants of Sevnica complained. Business opportunities for opportunity were available, but came to nothing. In fact, a lawyer at Sevnica reportedly warned Trump on behalf of Melania that her name should not be used for commercial purposes. So there are no cups, posters and scarves with the image of the first lady with the name Sevnica on it.

Where is Sevnica located?

This little problem was solved by smart people by spelling her name differently: “Melanija”. But this did not help much, the unique Melaniga cake, fabulous Melaniga slippers and the first lady’s special salami did not make anyone rich. “During her time as First Lady, she never drew attention to her heritage. Journalist Mojica Zorko complained to the Swiss newspaper about mere greetings in Slovenian.

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not interested

The hope was that at least more international attention would be given to the split in the far north of the former Yugoslavia. It is frustrating for Slovenes that they are often confused with Slovaks. The former first lady could have helped with this, but she did not show any interest in serving as a goodwill ambassador for her old homeland.

However, she grew up in Sevnica in the role of Melaniga Knavs. She went to school there and was still living there when she took her first picture as a professional model. But Melania, obviously, prefers not to be reminded of all this, to the pity of the domestic middle class. Since then, white house slippers have been removed from the scale of the local shoe factory. Melanija cake, served with a golden plastic spoon, is still available. What remains in the area is a horrific bronze statue of Melania. It is a copy of a wooden statue that was burned by unknown assailants last year.

January 20, 2021: Melania Trump flies to Air Foce One on her last day as first lady. © AFP