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The Red Devils are mathematically confident of beating Denmark

The Red Devils are mathematically confident of beating Denmark

After Saturday’s 3-0 win in the opening match against and against Russia, the path to the eighth final is completely open. By beating Denmark tomorrow night and by winning six out of six, Belgium are mathematically certain of their place in the second round.

If the Red Devils lose to Finland on the last day and Russia beat Denmark, Belgium, Finland and Russia will end with six points and the goal difference in their mutual encounters will be crucial to determine the final result in the group. So the Belgians could easily become third, providing a powerful and completely unexpected defeat against Finland.

With six points, there is an athletic certainty of a place in the top four thirds on Thursday night. At the European Championships five years ago in France, the three figures lasted Slovakia and Ireland with four points, even Portugal and Northern Ireland took three. It turned out to be enough for Portugal to later win the European title.

If the Belgians win their group, they will face a number three from groups A, D, E or F in the eighth final at the Oven in Seville on June 27. Second place in Group A on 26 June in Amsterdam. The third place finisher from Group B will play either against the winner of Group F on 28 June in Bucharest or on 29 June in Glasgow against the winner from Group E.

Correction (16/6/21)If Belgium beat Denmark on Thursday night and become six times out of six, then it is mathematically certain that they will have a place in the next round. Originally he said that even with six out of six, demons have no mathematical certainty. But taking into account the results of other groups, this is not true. If there is a tie in a group, it is impossible for three teams to finish with six points. This is already the case in two groups. With six points, you’re at least sure of a place in the best four thirds.

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