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Spain is in dire need: no depth, slow pace and no... Lukaku |  European Football Championship 2020

Spain is in dire need: no depth, slow pace and no… Lukaku | European Football Championship 2020

With two meager points from two games, Spain came off poorly. Yesterday the Spanish engine stopped after zero – zero against Sweden, also against Poland. 1/8 Finals ticket hung with a thread.

1. Too little depth

What’s wrong with Spain? Sporza analysts and commentators reveal the pain points of the 2008 and 2012 European champions.

“The Spaniards will be completely burned at home after this performance,” says Jean Bosgamp. “Their coach, Luis Enrique, tried everything. You can also see that in his substitutions.”

“Spain wants to play football hard and Poland put it to good use. Against Poland, the Spaniards played an egg in their pants for Lewandowski. He didn’t play a world game, but you see how everyone thinks of him.”

“Spain simply has a little bit of depth. Almost every Spanish player enters the ball. Everyone wants the ball to be in their feet. Then they play normally in the opponent’s map.”

Almost every Spanish player enters the ball. Then of course you will play the opponent’s card.”

2. Jin type Lukaku

Alvaro Morata is under severe criticism in his country. However, the Juventus striker once again earned the confidence of the national coach against Poland.

Jan Bosgamp: “The problem is that Spain can score very little.”

Frank Boyks: “Morata didn’t play well again. He leaked again with few chances.”

“Even on goal, he made a strange choice. Don’t get me wrong: If I score, it is always good, but instead of standing in front of his man in the action, he does it from behind. Then he flirts with offside.”

“His rebound from the missed penalty went wide. He should have scored it.”

Tom Bodwell: “If you miss a penalty and it rebounds, you’ll shoot your foot. Morata still had some melee chances, but he didn’t take advantage of them. Spain lacks the kind of Lukaku who can finish chances.”

Spain has very little scoring ability. Morata did not play well again.

3. There is no boss

Yuri Mulder sees a third flaw: “I think Luis Enrique doesn’t discipline the right attackers, but Spain’s problem is also that there is no president. There is no hierarchy.”

“Football is very happy, from one side to the other. They have a lot of possession of the ball, but the number of chances that were played is still limited.”

Finally, Dennis van Wijk: “There are too many pocket players in Spain. There is little power to force something when the going gets tough.”

Summary on Spain and Poland:

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