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Spain’s ‘First Lady’ in Court in Case Based on Newspaper Clippings (Update)

Spain’s ‘First Lady’ in Court in Case Based on Newspaper Clippings (Update)

Begoña Gómez, the wife of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, has been embroiled in a growing controversy for some time. This situation has led to legal and political complications that have gripped the entire country. On Friday, July 5, she was called to testify in a case of commercial corruption and influence peddling, opened by Judge Juan Carlos Peinado following a complaint from the far-right Manos Limpios Union, based on newspaper clippings.

Update: Begoña Gomez was in court for only 30 minutes on Friday, where she was asked why she was present as a witness and what the specific charge was, something the judge never responded to in writing, even though this is required by law. The judge then decided to postpone the questioning until July 19. Outside, about 20 people demonstrated in the street against the wife of the Spanish prime minister.

Judge Peñado summoned Begoña Gomez on June 4, 2024, five days before the European elections. This happened while the testimony of ten witnesses was still pending and there was a Civil Guard report concluding that there was no evidence of a crime. The judge has The case was opened.