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Weekend Weather: Fun weekend coming up?

Weekend Weather: Fun weekend coming up?

The weather wasn’t exactly summery last week, but this weekend is all about getting better, with more and more sunshine. We’ll let you know exactly how warm the weather will be and if there will be a little sunshine in this weekend’s forecast.

This Friday is still quite variable. In the morning it will be mainly cloudy and from the west the country will be hit by an area of ​​(light) rain. Most of the rain is reserved for the northern half of the country. In the south it will be mostly dry. The temperature will be 17 degrees in the Ardennes to 21 degrees locally in De Kempen, which means it will remain cool for this time of year. The normal values ​​for this time of year are between 19 and 24 degrees. All the details about Friday’s weather Read our comprehensive weather report..

A few showers Saturday morning.

The chances of rain will decrease further over the weekend. Unfortunately, we cannot keep it completely dry. On Saturday morning, a line of rain will move across the country from west to east, bringing rain everywhere for a short time. During the passage of the squall line, the winds will be gusty and close to the sea, and even strong gusts are not excluded. Fortunately, the weather is certainly not wet throughout the day, because in the early afternoon the rain leaves the country through the east.

During the afternoon the sun shines regularly and eventually the temperature rises to 19 degrees near the sea and 21 degrees in De Kempen. This makes it a little warmer than the previous days, but still a little cooler than usual. However, you still have to take into account the strong south-westerly winds throughout the day. During the evening the winds die down and the atmosphere becomes calmer. Under a largely clear starry sky, temperatures will drop to 7 to 11 degrees on Sunday night.

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Dry in most places on Sunday.

The second day of the weekend is fine outside. The wind is much less than on Saturday and it remains dry in many places with regular sunshine. Only the far north and coastal areas should expect a little rain. The wind is light to moderate southwesterly and the temperature is around 19 or 20 degrees.

Warm summer weather coming?

In the new week, the winds seem to be blowing from the south to the southeast, carrying warm air towards the country. The temperature is rising significantly, with summer temperatures likely to reach 25 degrees until Tuesday. The weather will be dry and quite sunny at first, but during the day some rain (thunderstorms) can sometimes pass over the country.