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In deze doodgewone muis zit een SSD verborgen!

SSD hidden in this normal mouse!

The solid state drive (SSD) is hidden in the mouse housing. You can’t believe it.

You may have a computer mouse in your hand every day. Or you have to work with the trackpad every day, which of course is also possible. The mouse is designed to fit comfortably in your hand. After all, too small is not convenient. But did you know that this shape also creates a lot of empty space in the mouse itself? This is not the case with every design, but in some cases the space can be used for other things.

XPG, which is known for its gaming accessories, has managed this in a skilful way. The company made a mouse with its own SSD on board. This is a disk of at least 1 TB, which is crammed into the mouse housing. Now it’s still a concept and XPG will present an SSD mouse at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in a few weeks. The SSD disk in the mouse can read up to 985MB/s of files.

The mouse connects to your computer via a wired USB-C connection. Your computer will then also detect the SSD. This gives you access to a large amount of additional external storage in one fell swoop. And it does not take up extra space on your desk, because the SSD is built into the mouse. Beautiful genius. (via digital trends)

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