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Starfield is getting Nvidia DLSS via Steam beta next week, with FSR3 to follow later – Gaming – News

Bethesda will add Nvidia DLSS support to Starfield next week, including DLSS framerate generation. The company is doing this via a beta update for the Steam version of the game. The game will also later receive support for AMD’s FSR 3 upscaling technology

Bethesda announces Starfield beta update with DLSS On social media. Users can download this patch via Steam starting next week. The studio has not yet announced the exact day the update will be released. With the patch, Starfield gained DLSS support, including Nvidia’s frame generation technology. The game will also have display control options and HDR controls. DLSS only works on computers with a compatible Nvidia RTX GPU. Bethesda confirms AMD’s FSR 3 technology will be added in a later update.

Steam users can download beta updates for the game manually. This can be done by right-clicking on the game and selecting “Properties”. Beta versions can be found under “Betas”. It is not known when DLSS support will be available in the standard version of the game.

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