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Ubisoft launches free-to-play shooter XDefiant on May 21 – Gaming – News

Ubisoft will release XDefiant on May 21 for Xbox Series During this “Pre-Season”, five game modes and five playable factions are available, based on existing Ubisoft franchises.

There are two game modes, like this Ubisoft explains. Linear games consist of teams attacking or defending. In Arena modes, teams compete for shared goals or the most points. There are at least 24 weapons and 44 as of the date mentioned Attachments For those weapons available in XDefiant.

Ubisoft’s press release says nothing about an XDefiant release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; Previous messages mentioned that the game will also be released for those platforms. It is not clear if the last generation versions of the shooter have been canceled or will be released at a later date. The company did not respond to Tweakers’ questions before publishing this article.

The free-to-play multiplayer shooter was announced in 2021 and has been delayed several times since, partly due to criticism from the gaming community about the game’s style and approach. There was also criticism of the “Tom Clancy’s” title prefix, as the game would have no relation to the author. Therefore, Clancy’s name was later removed from the title.

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