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Sterckx: "I think it's going to be a reasonably crucial week for Van den Broom" |  Platform

Sterckx: “I think it’s going to be a reasonably crucial week for Van den Broom” | Platform

Ahead of the season, coach John van den Broom and coach Dimitri de Conde expressed their ambition to take part in the pinnacle of Belgian football this season. Almost in the middle of a regular competition, Racing Genk is at the top…in the right column of the standings.

“If you just look at the numbers, it’s far below the core value and below expectations,” Bert Sterckx also recalls the data at the start of the season. This shakes van den Brum’s throne.

“There are great fans in Genk and people who really stick to the Dutchman. Manager Dimitri de Conde belongs in the latter group, and it’s no secret. When it worked out, we already saw that Genk was playing great football under Van den Broom. He continued.

Genk’s story about Van den Broom was really tough last year and again earlier this season. Then there’s the arrival of assistant Glenn Riedersholm, who also doesn’t do anything beneficial to stabilizing the Dutch throne.

“Riddersholm itself was a T1 with a palm. It’s like having a beautiful walnut tree in your garden, but because you know it’s going to fall, you’re already buying a sturdy wood saw. Just you don’t put it in the wood yet. Trunk, but put them in the garden for a while” Sterckx looks at her poetically.

Football journalist Bart Lagee joins Strix on this. “In this assistant, I’d be really worried in John van den Broom’s place. Circle did the same. Before they fired Eve Vanderhey, his assistant Thomas Pavel had already been replaced by an Austrian (same nationality as Circle’s new coach Talhammer to be honest, I’m afraid of that). , though I wouldn’t wish it on Van den Brom.”

It’s too early to say the fate of the sympathetic Dutchman has been decided. In the competition, everything is still close together, Genk is still in the cup and has not been eliminated in Europe yet.

“Van den Broom is lucky that he got a point in Zagreb and that European football is still on the table, otherwise it’s going to be a tough story,” says Bert Strix.

Genk’s show this week is not in favor of Van den Broom. On Wednesday Genk Club Brugge will once again receive the trophy, and on Sunday they will play KV Mechelen for the competition.

“The Cup has always been a main goal for Racing Genk. They have stuck to that trophy a lot. So eliminating the Cup would be a drama anyway.”

“If Genk is out of the cup, I’m not sure that will be the end point for the coach. Whether or not on Wednesday, but I think the week will be somewhat decisive.”

“For example, what I found strange in Van den Broom’s interviews was that he said he couldn’t blame his players so much after the defeats against Beerschot and Club Brugge.”

“In terms of commitment, I still understand that explanation, but the easy goals the team swallowed up, you have to blame your players in a certain way. Otherwise, you won’t be able to take any steps.”