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Still compensation when the solar panels outage for a long time?

Still compensation when the solar panels outage for a long time?

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Flemish Energy Minister Saturn Demir now wants to compensate owners of solar panels that keep out of order for a long time when the sun is shining. Network operator Fluvius has already received 2,400 complaints about this year, up 65 percent from the previous year.

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The majority of these complaints come from our county, where the electricity on the grid in our county has to travel longer distances on average. As a result, the power grid is not always able to handle the excess electricity generated by the solar panels. As a result, the inverter from the solar panels failed, as a kind of protection. Since the installation takes a long time to start up again, this means significantly less power output for owners and therefore a higher electric bill.

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energy decree

Flemish investigator Bart Weekers in Het Belang van Limburg argued on Monday in favor of offering owners a fixed compensation. However, Demir did not respond and wanted to wait for the detailed report from Fluvius. He is here now. “The good news is that most complaints are quickly resolved by making small adjustments to the installation, by switching phases in the electrical cabinet or when connecting the customer,” Demir says. “But at the same time, Fluvius reports that ongoing problems remain with several hundred customers. To help them, the network must first be strengthened, which could take months or years. However, the Energy Decree offers a solution to those situations. In the context of technical resilience, Fluvius can pay compensation to families who have to wait a long time for a solution. In practical terms, this means that the family or business will receive compensation for the long-term disruptions caused by Fluvius as long as the disruption continues.”

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For summer

The minister will now present a proposal to the Flemish government. “We aim to have this finalized before the summer,” Demir says. “This could provide a solution for hundreds of families.” In the meantime, Fluvius is also working on a long-term solution. Investments in the network are made in eighteen places. In some places these works are already underway, in others they are planned for this year or next. In addition, the network operator has already started about thirty coils to install new distribution booths, at the weakest points of the network.